Performance Art

Recently I‘ve been more and more interested in theatre and performance art, since in this way I could express my ideas and experiences more directly than through plain instrumental music. In my performances I strive to create a situation, quasi a mono-opera or a short theatre-play, combining all the artistic means: electronic music, voice, text, dance, video - to unified Gesamtkunstwerk.


'Extremely Happy to Announce' depicts the ironic situation we face everyday on social media: the endless feed of people bragging about their life or achievements. This invites to announce your good news too, but in the end of the day, your good news drown in this endless flow of maniac positivity.
'They' transmits the feelings composers/artists get, when presenting their music/art in public. After interviewing many composers of different nationalities, I came to conclusion that everybody feel fear and anxiety of being judged just as I do. On the stage this unpleasant situation was recreated while combining interviews/confesions, archival recordings of audience reactions and a live performance.
'Weiß/White' researches the voice as a force of nature and the physicality of music. Live-electronics part reacts to the voice, so that the pitch of singing controls the playback speed of the recording. Music here is also reflected through the body movements.
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